How to Restore Deleted Text Messages Easily

While there are some text messages better left deleted, once in a while we delete something by mistake or that we later regret deleting. Not to fear, there’s an alternative to getting a tub of ice cream and crying about it, we can simply recover the deleted text message.

restore deleted text messagesI won’t bore you with all the tech mumbo jumbo. Heck, I’m pretty good with tech jargon and I didn’t understand most of it but I did understand the result when I ran it on my phone. I clicked search and it sat for a while. In fact I thought it had just crashed on me for a moment but I left it to do whatever it wanted with my phone.

My phone might never trust me again but the Textrar tool managed to go through everything. It found some old deleted Facebook messages I’d forgotten about, it pulled some videos I’d been sent through Snapchat (I didn’t know it could do that) and, best of all, it recovered my deleted text messages.

It restored my entire SMS inbox which was great after I broke the screen and didn’t want to lose everything on the phone but, more than that, it managed to find a bunch of things from my old sent folder.

I have to say. In general people using their software either think their spouse is cheating on them (and they’re trying to check their phone) or something has happened to their phone and they want to recover their deleted text messages. But every drunk person should download this and check their phone the next morning. I cringed at some of the texts I’d sent, no wonder I’d deleted them.

So the steps to recovering deleted text messages is pretty simple. Even your gran could do it. Though, unless you trust her seeing your entire text history, I wouldn’t ask her.

Step 1) Download the Textrar program and install it on either a Windows or Mac. There’s a couple of different options but this is the best one I tried and the only one to actually get any results.

You can download it here:

Step 2) Plug your phone in through USB. This works on Android and iPhone handsets. Everyone else (are there any other types of phones?) is going to have to use a SIM card reader.

Step 3) You’ll need to give your computer proper access to the phone handset. The Textrar tool will show you how to do this. With Android it’s basically enabling the debug mode from the ‘about’ menu. For iPhone you hold down a sequence of buttons like you’re doing a digital rain dance to make your text messages come back.

Step 4) Hit start. Wait.

Step 5) Choose the messages you want back.

It organizes everything out and found things on my phone from ages ago. But it won’t always find everything, depending on how long ago it was lost and how much you’ve been using your phone since then. It’s cool that you can retrieve deleted text messages, but only do it if you dare see your sent messages after a night out.

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